L23360 LGB Street Car, (Tram) & Trailer G Gauge, NEW Boxed


L23360 LGB Street Car, (Tram) & Trailer G Gauge, NEW Boxed

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NEW L23360 LGB Hamburg Street Car, Tram & Trailer G Gauge, standard DC analogue operation. Era III Germany in cream and red livery, NEW Boxed This is an old-timer streetcar with a trailer in the Hamburg streetcar paint scheme typical for Era III. This streetcar has completely authentic lettering and comes with a Direct Decoder Connector. In addition, both axles are powered, and the unit has a traction tire, general-purpose electrical sockets, and a four-position switch for the mode of operation. The headlights on the powered unit change over with the direction of travel. Cable included for the electrical connection between the motor car and the trailer Equipped with Direct Decoder Interface for easy installation of a MTS loco decoder. Length over buffers approx 70 cm. Also advertised elsewhere.

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